We Need You!!!

ALJ Myanmar Co.,Ltd is the development laboratory of the ALJ (Japan). The name of the company is given in sense that connecting people to people using leading edge technologies. (ALJ means "Advanced Link Japan").

We are looking for the staff with the following abilities : - The person who think that the points of view of others. - The person who can continue with the challenge.

We intend to hire the programmer who is interesting in mobile application development and web system development. If we adopted you, we will hire you as a permanent staff of ALJ Myanmar and we will also support you the japanese language training.

The salary will be given upon the staff's IT skills and japanese language skill. We will also support the transportation fees including the japanese language school transportation fees.

Besides we will also hold company's activities, social gathering party or staff picnic trip and other activities.

So, if you will be interested in this System Development and Japanese Language, you are welcome and joy with us.

We intend to hire the following posts

Programmer Posts

Our development platform is windows, Linux, Android, IOS, MySQL/PostgreSQL and etc.,

Requirement Skills

Who have any degrees (not diploma) Having Knowledge about the HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, Objective-C, SQL and etc., Experience with mobile or web application development for more than one year. ( Speaking and Reading of Japanese Language is not required ).

Work scenery

Welcome Party

Training in Japan